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Board 2.0 (MVP version) is available

It is possible to customize Task Card view. Read more here.

It is possible to synchronize the BigPicture Iterations and Program Increments with either Jira sprints or Jira custom field instead of Iterations with Jira sprints only. Read more here.

Tasks can be managed within and planned for both Iterations and Program Increments.

Additionally, aggregated data are visualised on Reports. Read more here.

Links created in new Board module are now independent of the links created on Gantt: there is new soft-links mechanism, e.g. when a user sets a link in Board 2.0 module, "relates to" link is created between the issues in Jira. Read more here.
Text field and number field presented in columns on the backlog and are editable. Read more here.


Resource absences

In Resource administration, it is now possible to add absences for a particular resource so that his/her capacity (presented e.g. in a Resources module) is affected accordingly. Read more here

Bug Fixes

  • Changing Aggregation on Scope module breaks filtering
  • Error 500 upon any action after a Program was delete
  • Neither synchronizers' configuration nor quickfilters are cloned when program is cloned
  • Uncompleted issues in "closed" sprints are not displayed in the Backlog
  • Story points do not aggregate correctly or don't recalculate at all in Gantt+Scope when not a whole number
  • Gantt task slider does not update Remaining Estimate when mapped to Time tracking progress
  • Gantt fails to load when project is longer than a year

Issue Type Priority
BlockerBlocker CriticalCritical MajorMajor MinorMinor TrivialTrivial NoneNone T:
BugBug 0 13 68 21 1 2 105
FeatureFeature 1 4 2 0 0 0 7
StoryStory 0 8 99 5 0 0 112
Total Unique Issues: 1 25 169 26 1 2 224
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