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In this release we provide the latest bug fixing version with fixes and improvements for:

  • Resource Grid: Team-centric view (aka display tasks and Resources' capacities according to selected Team)
  • Resource Grid: New header with Resource and Team-centric views
  • Resource Grid: Show warnings on tasks with allocation issues
  • Refactor Inline dialog
  • Administration rewrite to angular
  • Roadmap grid single cell loader is misleading
  • Riada Insight fields available in perspectives
  • Portfolio custom field "Parent link" in Perspectives
  • Portfolio custom field "Team" in Perspectives
  • "Parent link" field from Portfolio for Jira plugin synchronizer
  • Support custom values from Traffic Light custom field
  • As a user I'd like to see resources sorted alphabetically by resource name/team name
  • RE is updated when changing the OE using Gantt
  • Multiple history entries for single issue resizing in Resource grid
  • Gantt cannot be loaded because of Tempo Account field used in perspective
  • JQL from Scope Configuration it is not cleaned after removal
  • Changing scope during synchronization end up with error

Issue Type Priority
CriticalCritical MajorMajor MinorMinor T:
BugBug 3 37 3 43
FeatureFeature 1 2 0 3
ImprovementImprovement 0 13 0 13
StoryStory 0 8 0 8
Total Unique Issues: 4 60 3 67
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