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  • Disable/enable automatic log export
  • Hide/show deferred tasks Gantt widget
  • Gray allocation cells on Resources when capacity and allocation is 0
  • Sort by date on Risks
  • Jira DataCenter cluster member discovery protocol replaced from UDP to TCP

Bug fixes:

  • Gantt module doesn't load with certain perspectives and artificial task
  • 500 error when trying to create a Program with no start/end date
  • 500 error when trying to group by aggregated time tracking
  • Multiple scrolls on Roadmap module
  • Quick Filters gets broken after updating tasks in Jira while Roadmap Live Sync is on
  • Roadmap module does not synchronize subtasks after changing its parent sprints
  • Project role and application access are not taken into account when checking permissions for creating Programs

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BugBug 6 44 5 55
StoryStory 3 8 0 11
TechnicalTechnical 0 1 0 1
Total Unique Issues: 9 53 5 67
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