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It’s finally here!

BigPicture 7 introduces both new features and improvements:

  • A new, SAFe-compliant Roadmap Module in BigPicture for Jira Software Server users

  • For your short-term planning needs, the Roadmap from BigPicture 6 will now be available as a Board Module

  • A new Scope Module for managing your scope or backlog, whatever your chosen product management methodology

  • A Risk Module for adding custom information to your Risk Cards

This is only the beginning. We have BIG plans for BigPicture -  a completely new Portfolio Management Module, a full Gantt chart overhaul, and further improvements for SAFe practitioners are just some of the things in the pipeline. Stay tuned!-The SoftwarePlant Team

New features

  • BigPicture Scope module


  • Board and Roadmap as complementary modules
  • Task card generic component
  • Tooltip new implementation
  • In Resources module / Gantt module, Resources' capacities are calculated more efficiently (faster)
  • Perspective "Progress + average/average(no parent)" cut to just 2 digits after comma
  • In Resources module, Task inline dialog shows Task assignees
  • 'Detail view' remains enabled once the page is refreshed

Bug fixes

  • Critical Path colors only the last task unless you change the one before

  • Team creation malfunction on Data center

  • Approval toolbox appears when making changes to a program (change committing)

  • Correctly handle StructurePrincipalId compound id serialization 
  • Program configuration cog icon tooltip strobing
  • Shift + "?" shortcut does not work on Quantum Firefox

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BugBug 1 5 85 17 1 109
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