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  • Examine sporadic Gantt stucks
  • Quick filters and synchronization settings are not saved when using "Use configuration of existing Program"
  • Export Gantt and Issue details to excel add Description to Summary column
  • Bulk delete on issues that are no longer in Program scope Causes multiple errors
  • Wrong migration of principalUserKey to extUserId
  • Switching auto commit on closed session throws exception
  • NPE while updating column view
  • ConcurrentModificationException thrown on ContextWbs


  • Performance - Loading Jira boards should be limited to a bare minimum on Teams module
  • Individual's capacity is calculated based on availability in program teams


Issue Type Priority
BlockerBlocker CriticalCritical MajorMajor T:
BugBug 2 2 4 8
ImprovementImprovement 0 0 1 1
StoryStory 0 0 1 1
Total Unique Issues: 2 2 6 10
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