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With the latest release of our core plugins: BigPicture and BigGantt, and the completely fresh and breath-taking additions to the Gantt chart in both apps, we’ve had to shift export mechanisms present in BigTemplate. Our add-ons evolve so does the technology which they utilize. As always, we aim for the continuous improvement, therefore, with the ground-breaking feature such as 'Gantt - Resources panel' we were forced to make a brave decision and to switch from the old library that fueled BigTemplate (PhantomJS) to much more efficient Headless Chrome solution. This means that from these version onward, our BigTemplate users will have to update their export plugin and configure the new library. Additional information about BP, BG and BT versions compatibility can be found here. In order to learn how to set up and prepare Headless Chrome for the export of our Gantt and other modules, please refer to this article.

In this release, we provide the latest bug fixing version with fixes and improvements for:

  • Gantt: add a column to exported MPP (Issue Key/Any other unique identifier)
  • PhantomJS is no longer used as an image engine
  • Corrupted export if 'Quick Filters' split linked issues
  • If enabled, 'Smart labeling' needs to be taken into account when exporting to image
  • Manage Templates configuration page modifications and improvements
  • Export Risk matrix to image/pdf
  • Export Resource Grid to image/pdf
  • Export Roadmap to image/pdf
  • Error while generating QRCode for Project Template

Issue Type Priority
CriticalCritical MajorMajor T:
BugBug 1 3 4
StoryStory 2 5 7
Total Unique Issues: 3 8 11
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