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BigPicture 8 is here!

Discover the landmark edition of the Atlassian Marketplace top-selling app! The new version is available to all Cloud, Server and Data Center users. Visit BigPicture 8 Documentation to learn more about it.

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  1. For rollback purposes, please back up your database before starting the upgrade process or test the new BigPicture version on an isolated environment
  2. This version includes some upgrade tasks that modify the database scheme of the add-on. Contact our support team via the Service Desk to find out more.

Known issues

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Key features

ModuleFeatureDescriptionDoc articleSneak peek

All (including Gantt)

"Full synchronization" of Program scope performance boostA process of "full-synchronization" of Program scope is ~184% faster


Multi-selecting tasks and bulk changing positions in a task structureYou can now drag and drop multiple tasks at once while you are working on your task structure in Scope module.Read more

Board 2.0Board performance significantly improved

The following performance boost was achieved (assuming 1000 tasks Program scope and default task card view):

  • Task planning action is 400% faster
  • Task replanning actions are >300% faster
  • Board loading is 141% faster

Board 2.0

Auto-configuration of scope synchronization (Shared mode)

BigPicture can now automatically create the configuration of scope synchronization for a new Board module (e.g. generate and match Jira sprints with BigPicture timeboxes in a minute).

Thanks to that, your Board can be quickly set up and your teams can take advantage of bi-directionally synchronization with BigPicture Board and Jira without the manual configuration.

(info) This capability is available for timeboxes in Shared sync mode only at the moment.

Read more

Board 2.0Scope synchronization: Box backlog/team Box backlogs configuration can be empty in Team specific mode

In Board's scope synchronization, you are no longer required to:

  • map value for timebox backlog (e.g. no need to create extra Jira Sprint for timebox backlog)
  • map values for all teams (especially useful if your Program teams are both Scrum and Kanban oriented)
Read more

Board 2.0At the PI level, user is able to additionally load the full scope of PIs on the board

At the PI level, you can now load all tasks planned for PI iterations to see the full scope of displayed Program Increments.

Activate "Reports" option on the PI level and take advantage of the Board reports covering multiple iterations in a flash.

Read more

Board 2.0User can switch between Program and PI(s) backlog on Board 2.0 module

Once you scroll down to Iteration level on your board, you can now choose the scope of issues you would like to see in your backlog sidebar.

There are 2 levels available:

  • Program backlog NEW OPTION

  • Program Increment backlog
Read more


Board 2.0Multi-selecting backlog items and bulk planning to the board

Plan your backlog items to the board in bulk by selecting multiple items at once. You can select:

  • particular items by holding cmd (Mac) or ctrl (Windows) button
  • a set of items by holding shift button.
Read more

Program configurationNew customizable Program icons and possibility to change the icon of the existing ProgramEnjoy a wide range of new Program icons and customize the icon color by creating a new Program. If you change mind, go to Basics tab of Program configuration and modify your choice.Read more

Program configuration"Synchronizers" are renamed into "structure builders"

The following changes within a tab "Synchronization" in Program configuration was applied:

  • "Task hierarchy" is renamed into "Automated task structure"
  • "Synchronizers" are renamed into "Structure builders"
  • Names of structure builders are consistent now and their descriptions are available in tooltips.
Read more

Key bug fixes

  • Resources module and Gantt module do not show all tasks in given period
  • To big number of column view causes, that it is impossible to set the last one without zoom out (Gantt)
  • "Children by status" aggregation for Status field is displayed incorrectly
  • Board 2.0: Change Timeline on earlier date than start of program causes error and causes button disappear
  • Task is incorrectly rescheduled if its parent has an inbound start-to-end link


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