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Creating custom reports

The reports page can be customized by editing the grid. Each row can be fit up to three columns i.e. three different charts.

The source data can be configured for each chart by specifying the the "Group by" criteria which is a source Jira field.

Grid edition is a BigPicture Enterprise feature.

Report name (chart name)

Select the scope of the report by narrowing to Program Increments or Iterations.

Default chart type

Select the default chart type displayed when the module is opened.

Group by fieldsThe data presented can be grouped by different Jira fields with up to four levels.


Select the count strategy:

      • Tasks count - show the number of tasks in different categories - e.g.: number of tasks with a 'To do' status.
      • Field sum - sum of the values of the selected field in the selected category - e.g.: sum of all the Story Points for tasks with 'To do' status.

The "Field sum" formula works with every numeric field in Jira.