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Resources module - Allocation details

You can click on the Allocation or Remaining Capacity cell to display a dialog showing the detailed information about all the task's allocated workload which amounts to the capacity Allocation in any given time.

The capacity Allocation details depend on the selected aggregation (daily, weekly and monthly).

This detailed view works in both - Time tracking (Original and Remaining estimate effort modes) and Story points modes. The information is available for a cell within:

  • individuals,
  • teams,
  • summary lane,
  • unassigned lane.

Allocation formula

The the table in the dialog shows all the tasks that contribute to the Total allocation using the following formula:

Total allocation = Sum of all estimates.

If the estimate is not available the task will not be included on the list.

In case the task is overdue (the end date < current date) only the logged work (spent time) will be added to the total allocation.

In case the task has not started yet (the start date > current date) only the remaining estimate will be added to the total allocation.

Allocation example

In the example below there are three task with estimates set to 8h each while the first task's duration is 2d, hence its assigned work is 4h on each day.

On the second day (Tuesday) there all three tasks contribute to the Total allocation but only half of the "Visualising and charting" estimate is included.

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