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Resources module - Grid overview

The table below describes all the information presented on the resource grid. If you would like to hide excessive information use the View menu and uncheck the view options.



Summary row

Shows the sum of all the date available in selected time range.

Unassigned work

Show the sum of the unassigned work.

Allocation (workload) vs capacityThis indicator shows the amount of workload vs the capacity. When overallocation occurs it will change to red colour. When the workload is less than the capacity, it will be indicated with green.
Tasks from different Programs

This feature can show all the tasks to which the resource is assigned which do not fit the Program's scope. Those tasks will be transparent and can not be reassigned or moved.

CapacityThe availability of a resource derived from the Workload plans and reduced by the non-working days resulting from Holiday plans.
Remaining capacityRemaining availability when the resource is assigned to a task in a given time period.
Non working daysNon availability period of the resource.