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Resources module - View options

Working/ non-working days view

The Resources module can display data essential to manage your resources in a number of informative views. They are accessible from the "View" menu.

One of the most basic is the bare "Working non-working days view", where you can have a quick overview of the resources that work or don't on a particular day in a monthly, quarterly of half-yearly scale. 

Non working days resulting from Holiday, Workload and Absence plans are presented as grayed out and working days as white colour. 

Tasks, allocation and capacity

The remaining view options are described in the table below:



AllocationShow the amount of work already assigned to a resource in a given period.
Remaining capacityShow the difference between capacity and allocation (workload). Defines the amount of workload which can be further assigned.

Show the amount of work a resource can deliver in a specified period.

Tasks Show tasks to which resources are assigned.
Tasks from all Programs

Show all the tasks ie. across all created Program which the resource is assigned to.

'Show tasks from all Programs' is a BigPicture Enterprise feature.

This is a BigPicture Enterprise feature.


Highlight misconfigured and potentially problematic tasks.