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With our BigTemplate app we provide two default templates for risk module: risk_basic_token and risk_basic_cell_range. They differ only really in a way some of the columns are marked.

In risk_basic_token template we use our

Both types of templates allow for some basic customization:

  • you can choose what kind of data you want to have in the exported file and in what order. For example you could have 'assignee' column removed and have other columns switch places.
    Note: by default all the available fields are added to both templates
  • you can set any style to the marked cell and that style will be used for that type of data
  • using Excel Conditional Formatting you can highlight the data containing some important information
    Note: by default as and example we added some coloring for Consequence column using Conditional Formatting to both templates


Named range:


  • templates are not available: please load default templates using a corresponding button on 'Manage Templates' page (dodać link do dokumentacji)


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