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An objective is a high-level analogy to work that needs to be done in a given time period. They are a short summary highlighting what needs to be achieved, but do not determine the way it should be done.

Such an approach provides more flexibility and team empowerment and allows you to focus on transparent specific objectives at the same time.  

To learn more about the nature and the goal of defining objectives click here

Objective's lifecycle

The objective can have one of the following statuses:

Objective statusDescription
OpenThe default status of a new objective.
CompletedThe objective was completed and will not be moved to the next box.
FailedThe objective was not completed and will be cloned i.e. added to the next box.
AbandonedThe objective was not completed and will not be moved to the next box.
ContinueThe objective will be continued in the next box.
Set as stretchAn additional objective with variable value (if time permits).

When objective will take more than a single iteration and you can

  • select Continue... option or 
  • use drag and drop holding left Alt key.

Objective Types

The objectives can be defined at both levels i.e Program Increment and Iteration level. The objectives can be artificial (not accessible in Jira) or based on Jira issues.

  • Main Objectives - can be used to sum up Program Increment objectives of your ART at the end of PI planning.
  • Team Objectives - can be used to determine team commitment during particular Program Increment.

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