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Basic configuration

Section below applies to BigPicture version 6.

During Program creation, in step "Advanced configuration" Roadmap setup guide will appear. It consists of the following steps:

Section below applies to BigPicture version 7 and later.

During Program creation, in step "Advanced configuration" there are two additional sub-steps that help you configure your Board module properly:

  • 5.1 Agile schedule - it allows you to create your agile schedule that consists of set of Program Increments divided into Iterations.
  • 5.2 Board - it allows you to choose appropriate Synch mode for your Board and set it up accordingly.

In case you need to modify your agile schedule later on (eg. add/remove Program Increments), go to "Agile schedule" tab in Program configuration.

Sync mode

This can be also configured and changed in the Program's configuration. We have described the modes in detail here: Program-specific#specific-Roadmap, but just to recap:

FeatureManualSmall TeamLarge Team
JIRA Scrum Boards sync

Single Sprint per column, up to 7 on screen

Multiple Sprints per column

In Manual mode, you can drag and drop to tasks to different team swimlanes and between cadences, as this will not affect anything in JIRA at all when synchronization is disabled. When enabled issues dates will be updated to fit within the cadence duration.

More information here: Gantt - Board synchronization

Recommended for playing around and Waterfall projects with pre-defined work that only needs to be manually updated from time to time. In such a mode, Manage Roadmap will not even appear.

Small Team mode synchronizes bi-directionally with JIRA Software (Sprints). This means that moving your tasks around between different columns will change their Sprints, and changing Sprints will affect the Roadmap. This is recommended for Agile teams who use a single Board for everyone or the vast majority of users, as each Cadence represents only a single Sprint. In this mode, the Roadmap is essentially a multi-Sprint view of a single board with enhanced capabilities (timeline, issue links, Cadence backlogs). This mode assumes all plugin Teams use the same board

Available only in the Enterprise edition of BigPicture, Large Team mode also syncs with JIRA Sprints. Recommended for adopters of  The Scaled Agile Framework®. In this mode, each team has their own Board, and a Cadence rolls up the work of all teams in many Sprints on many Boards into a single Cadence. Great for large-scale companies as it provides the big picture of all the Agile things on a single screen.

Cadences/ Iterations

This section applies to BigPicture version 6.

Since BigPicture version 7, you can only edit your Program Increments and Iterations within "Agile schedule" page (in Program Configuration).

These are the time periods your board will be divided into, each mapped to different Sprints. You can automatically create them in bulk on the screen below, as well as customize the auto cadences we create by doubleclicking on the cadence's timeline.

Obviously, you can also delete, edit and add them afterwards.


If you have already visited the Teams section, you will see all your Teams here and can skip this step. Otherwise, on this very screen you can catch up and create some teams right away.

Agile sync

If you have selected the Small Team or Large Team mode, then the last piece of configuration is to tell the plugin which Sprints it should use, This is done by clicking the Manage Roadmap button.

Once in this mode, a Sprint selector will appear on every Cadence. Select the Sprints you desire, click OK to confirm every of them. When done, simply click Manage Roadmap again. This should reload the screen and pull in your tasks.

Having your Sprints selected, the configuration is done.

In case you still have problems

If you are still having trouble following these steps or your problem is more complicated you are always welcome to contact our helpful Support Team at They are always more than happy to help. Please note that in order to speed up the analysis of similar issues it is a good idea to enable fine grained logs in that very same Technical information menu, then try to reproduce the issue and send the support team the log file you produced.