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As BigPicture is customizable on many levels, it also offers modifications in terms of the display along with the range of data which can be filtered out for our convenience.


As we look at our Gantt module's top panel, we see that under the 'View'drop-down menu the first available option is a possibility to switch between different WBS Perspectives.

  • 'All Columns' will display set of Lists, Due Dates, Titles Labels, Members assigned and Statuses of each Card on the chart.

  • 'Basic Information' will only display Titles, Members assigned, Labels and Statuses for Trello Cards within our Program.

  • 'Time-tracking' will show us such columns as: List, Title, Due Date and Label for each Card on our chart.


Gantt chart offers three different types of Layouts:

  • 'Compact' mode - super narrow tasks display

  • 'Normal' mode - moderate tasks display

  • 'Wide' mode - super large tasks display

Features Display [Show]

In the 'View' drop-down menu we have a selection of features which can be switched ON and OFF, depending on the level and magnitude of details one wishes to see in the Power-Up.

  • Columns - completely enables or disables the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure → Waterfall) Panel.

  • Markers - enables or disables a display of Markers in our Gantt chart

  • Critical Path - allows users to highlight (with red color) tasks which are on Program's critical path.

Color by Label

Another useful option in the 'View' tab, which allows users to apply Trello's native colors to tasks on the Gantt chart depending on the colors of Cards' labels. When the option is switched 'OFF' Task Bar becomes grey-ish plank. When it is 'ON' and we decided to pick a custom color for it from our Label settings, then the custom color of our choice will be displayed on the little stripe to the left of the Task on Gantt's WBS.

Smart Labeling

Sometimes Task Summaries are too long, so they cannot fit in the Task Bar itself (which is too short due to its time range). We are facing a dilemma of whether we would like to know which task it is, or not. This piece is responsible for turning on labels next to Tasks which are too short to display their labels. With this functionality enabled, the Summary of a Task will be located right next to the taskbar.


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