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Jira next-gen Project compatibility with BigPicture Cloud and BigGantt Cloud

If you are using Jira next-gen Projects, you have to visit our best practice tutorial on how to configure our Cloud products!

Skill-related glossary

Skillan attribute of a resource in BigPicture. One resource can have one or multiple skills assigned.
Required skillan attribute of a task defined in Skills Widget (on issue details view). There can be required one or many skills to complete a task.
Skill panela section available in Resources module. It is accessible with "Skills" button and is displayed under Resource Grid.
Skill capacityan aggregated number of hours supplied in a given period by all resources with a given skill
Skill allocation a total effort aggregated in a given period from all tasks having that skill set in Skill widget section of the issue details view.

Data visible on a Skill panel

  • List of skills - all skills required in all tasks within the currently displayed period

  • Skill allocation - a total effort of tasks that have a given skill set as required. Only displayed tasks within the current period on Resource Grid are taken into account (provided that skill is required in any task that is at least partly displayed, skill effort is added to a skill allocation).

Please note, that in case more than one skill is set as required to complete a task, task effort is distributed proportionally over the allocation of every required skill.

  • Skill capacity - a total skill capacity of the currently displayed resources. .

If a resource has eg. two skills defined in a given period, 50% of a resource's capacity is added to the skill capacity of each skill in that period.

  • Unspecified capacity - a capacity based on the list of currently displayed resources with no skills assigned

  • Unspecified allocation - an allocation based on the total effort of currently displayed tasks with no skills required.

Use cases

  1. Reschedule task
    You can reschedule a task using a drag and drop approach. Rescheduling the task is an operation which can have a significant impact. eg. skill could be over-allocated. BP shows you which skill allocation will be changed after task rescheduling. After this, you can check the allocation and set a suitable work balance.

  2. Reassign task
    You can reschedule a task using a drag and drop approach. Reassigning can affect on a skill allocation. BP helps you by suggesting resources with desired skills. Then you can reassign the task to a resource with suitable skills. Reassigning affects a skill allocation only in a Resource mode. It does not affect in a Team mode because you can not assign skills on a team level.

  3. Analyze skill effort (demand) vs skill capacity (supply)
    Analyzing a skill effort and capacity is one of the main responsibilities of Resource Manager (the role responsible for resource management within project, program or portfolio). Eg. you can analyze if you have desired resources on board the organization according to a skills demand. Furthermore, you can do it in a different time scale, what gives the possibility to react on everyday events (eg. unexpected absences) in a short term or plan hiring strategy in a long term. 

  4. Analyze unspecified skills
    You can analyze the allocation of tasks that have no skills required or analyze a capacity of resources that have no assigned skills. You can use this information eg. to discover incorrectly planed tasks which have no skills assignment. Then you can not plan properly a resource allocation on the project, program or portfolio level (of course if you use a skill-based approach). You can also use this information to find new skills that are not managed at this moment (exploring resources with no skill assignment).      

  5. Disable skills panel
    You can turn off (press a suitable button) a skill panel if don't want to use skills-based approach within your program. 

  6. Collapse skill panel
    You can collapse a skill panel if you want just hide a skills information to have a more clear view on a resource panel.

  7. Resize skill panel
    You adjust a skill panel size according to your requirements. You can increase the size if want to more focus on skills or simply decrease to focus more on a resource panel.


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