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Jira next-gen Project compatibility with BigPicture Cloud and BigGantt Cloud

If you are using Jira next-gen Projects, you have to visit our best practice tutorial on how to configure our Cloud products!


Skill Widget is a space that allows you to define skills that are required to complete a particular issue. Feel free to take advantage of the feature both:

  • by team planning: completion of some task requires a particular skill (e.g. creating month sales report requires SQL developer skill)
  • by high-level planning: delivering some business epic requires set of skills that are demanded on different stages of implementation (e.g. release of a new sales platform required PM, business analyst, developer and tester skills). 

There are some rules of thumb that you need to keep in mind to enjoy the capabilities of the powerful feature:

  1. added skill is always required in-between start and end date of its task (epic, story, feature etc.)
  2. added skill has its required effort that is derived from task effort (eg. Story Point, Original Estimate or Remaining Estimate)
  3. skill effort results in a calculation of overall skill allocation that is displayed on Resources modules.

Sharing effort among Skills

If your task needs more than one skill, the total effort of that task is proportionally divided by the number of required skills.


If your task has eg. a total effort of 30 man-hours (Original Estimate equals 30d), adding 3 skills will result in each of them requiring 10 man-hours of effort. Adding two skills will require providing 15 man-hours of both.

Skill widget visibility configuration

(available with the little cog in widget's top-right corner)

Corresponding options to current WBS widget:

  • Enable Skills on issue page (swiper)
    • Enable Skills when issue is not in any Program (checkbox)
  • Enable Skills in all Jira Projects
  • Enable Skills in all Issue types


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