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There are 2 kinds of Teams in BigPicture - Global and Program. Global Teams can be defined once and used in multiple Programs, while Program Teams exist only inside their own specific Programs and cannot be re-used.

We recommend making your constant teams (dev teams, PMO, etc) as Global Teams, and using Program Teams only for ad-hoc project/task forces.

Global Teams

To create a Global Team, simply start typing in the Name field at the top. For each team, you can specify a name, Agile board (for Roadmap), code and color. The code can be 10 characters at most.

You can expand and collapse the teams to show the members and add new ones:


To see the suggestions, you need the Browse users permission in JIRA. More info.

Deleting and editing teams is done using the grey icons on the right side of the screen.

Let's add some team members.Click Add Member on any un-collapsed team. Type a name, select a Skill and hit the + icon on the far right:

Program teams

Inside each Program, it is also possible to create Program Teams (only for this particular Program). To configure them, simply open the BigPicture menu and click on Teams.

When adding a new Team using the + icon, you can select one of the following options:

You can create a brand new Program Team, copy the setup of a selected Global Team to the Program one, or assign a Global Team to the Program.

Assigning Global Teams to Programs

Go to the Teams section and click the + icon as shown above, Then select the last option in the dropdown, and you will see this:

Select any of the existing Global Teams, and the + icon in the upper-right corner will unlock. Click it. Note that Global and Program Teams have different icons:


You might have noticed, that for each member you can define a skill. By default, Tester, Project Manager, Developer and Designer are available. To configure skills, switch to the Skill tab in Administration.


Working with teams

With Teams defined, the SAFe® Roadmap module will be operational, and Resource management will allow you to filter the view to specific Team only (to see a team's summary).

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