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Discover the landmark edition of the Atlassian Marketplace top-selling app! The new version is available to all Server and Data Center users. The release for Cloud will follow soon. Visit BigPicture 8 Documentation to learn more about it.

Choosing a field for assigning issues to teams

The teams' assignment can be bi-directionally synchronized with Jira.

The synched field can be added to and further seen on your Jira issues' screens, and edited directly from there, indicating which team is assigned to the currently viewed or edited issue.

Team assignment can be synced with any field of the following type: 

  • "Labels"
  • "Select list (single choice)"

When using a label, the add-on can automatically generate a team label when issues get assigned to a team directly from within the add-on (in the Resources or in the Board module) by dragging and dropping them onto a corresponding team's swimlane.

However, you can also assign an issue to a team manually by creating a label yourself on such issue's detail view. Then, such a label must include the 'team#' prefix before the Team code.

In case of a select list, you are required to predefine the select options using the Team codes. The assignment itself would be reflected on a Jira issue's page as demonstrated in the gif below.

Field data migration

When a different field than currently used is selected the option to migrate data will appear below the filed picker:

The data migration of a particular issue can fail in the following cases:

  • when migrating from a single select field to labels field: team code contains whitespaces;
  • when migrating to a single select field: a field does not contain the team code in the list of select options (the app does not create the select options during the migration process).  

The data migration is performed in the background and thus the user might not be aware of that process. Depending on the number of issues requiring an update it might take a significant amount of time.