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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can be found in the JIRA issue-page above the “Activity” container (all JIRA’s core containers are just above it). In the BigGantt and BigPicture's Gantt module, the Program's WBS panel is located to the left of the Gantt chart. Nevertheless this is not the module for which this configuration is meant. WBS module which we can set up in this config menu is located in 'Jira's Issue Page' and manifests the allocation of an issue within the Program, assuming that the issue belongs to at least one Program. As a functionality it is only visible and accessible to all users logged into their JIRA with valid and enabled instances of BigPicture / BigGantt.

In the WBS Configuration Panel, administrator may decide maximum number of issues loaded in its view and of course if they want to leave the Panel 'ON' or switch it 'OFF'.

With the release of BigGantt 3.6.7 and BigPicture 6.8.3, we've expanded Work Breakdown Structure's (Waterfall Module's) capabilities along with WBS Configuration aspects. Now all Jira administrators are capable of customizing the view, enabling or disabling the module depending on their preference per Project or per Issue Type.

Now we are able to:

  • Fully Disable or Enable the WBS module on the issue page with possibility to select whether run it in Program related issues only or all issues in our Jira environment.
  • Set a limit of issues loaded in the WBS module
  • Enable WBS in all Jira Projects or specific Projects only
  • Enable WBS based on the Jira issue types

All these features can be enabled / disabled or picked with a simple toggle button next to each preferred element, whether it is a Jira Project or Jira Issue Type

Due to some limitations which our application encounters in the Jira Cloud environment, the app itself loses the ability to 'Disable WBS when issue is not in any Program'. Its checkbox is marked as 'populated' and greyed out. This feature has to stay 'ON' and the WBS Panel in Jira Issue View will keep appearing to Jira users who display current issue.