In this section, you can manage your Resources, their working hours and non-non working days, and the default setting of Boxes.

Security and access

  • Only a user with the App admin security role can access the Administration
  • You can modify the settings in the BigPicture drop down at the top > Administration 
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The Business Administration section of the app lets you configure features which are shared by different modules. The overview of the features is presented in the table below:

Box typesConfigure templates which will be used when you adding new Boxes using the Overview module.
Resource manager

Resource manager allows you to add new resources and to define the related information concerning resources:

      • Skills
      • Workload Plans
      • Holiday Plans
      • Absences

The information is used by the Gantt module and Resources module to automate the planning our your tasks.

Workload plansThe Workload plans are the basis for the resource capacity ie. they determine the resources availability during the week.

Holiday plans

The holiday plans allow to define the unavailability of the resource. There are two types of holidays:

      • Fixed
      • Floating
SkillsEach resource possesses a set of skills defined in this section. It is also possible to plan for new skills which will be acquired in future.
SecurityAccess and permissions within BigPicture can be managed and assigned to individuals or groups.