Define the skills in order to assign resources . Each skill is identified using a name and a code which are required fields. 

The skills need to be predefined in order to:

  • specify skills required to complete a task using the Skill Widget on the Jira issue details page
  • assign resources to skills

Once configured you can select the skill at the task level or in other words specify the skill required to complete a task. The related effort is used to calculate the skill demand and it is evenly distributed over the tasks duration. The skill demand will be display in Resource module's Skill panel.

At the resource level you also need assign the skills acquired by the resource. The resource’s time is allocated across different skills. 

Security and access

  • Only a user with an App admin security role can access this page.
  • To this page go to Administration > Skills, 

Skill name

The skill name is helpful 

The first letter of the skill name is displayed in the Resources module, in both Individual and Team centric views, below the resource or the Team name, when the Capacity row is enabled.

Skill code

The skill code is currently not used by any feature but you can color your skills. Whenever the skill name appears it will be color coded as defined here.

Skill coded can not be repeat so a validation error will appear in case the same team code is used more than once.

Adding new skills

Enter the required Skill name and Code fields. You can also enter the additional description to provide more details about the created skill.

Editing skills 

To edit a skill, click the button on the right-hand side of the skill lane. Changing the skill details will update all skill names in within the App.

Deleting skills 

To delete a skill click the button on the right-hand side of the skill lane. If a resource is currently assigned to a skill, you will not be able to delete it: