In this section, you can specify which Jira links will be used to visualize the task dependencies. When links are synchronized, you can visualize the ones you create in Jira or the App using the Board or Gantt modules. To show the links, click on the Link button and select the links you want to display.

You can also disable the synchronization of dependency links, in which case adding a new link will not create one in Jira—all dependencies created will be stored by the App.

Security and access

  • Only Jira administrators can access this page.
  • To configure the task synchronization go to Jira settings (or administration) > Manage apps > BigPicture/BigGantt Technical configuration > General > Link

There are two types of links the Gantt and Board modules can display:

  • Strong linkslinks with a scheduling impact. For example, when in Auto mode, moving one linked task might update the position of the other linked tasks.
  • Soft linkslinks with no scheduling impact. Moving one of the linked tasks does not affect the position of the linked issue.

By default, Soft Links are not synchronized.

You can synchronize and display up to four link types using the Gantt module. In Auto mode, such links will have a scheduling impact. For Example, moving a linked task might update its successor's or predecessor's position on the timeline.

Links can not be synchronized and used as Structure builders at the same time.


Enable this mode if you want to use the auto mode and reduce the gaps between tasks to a minimum. All newly created links will have the "as soon as possible" mode enabled. You can disable the ASAP mode by editing the link (click on the link to display the edit dialog).

Default Link Configuration

The app creates custom links which are most suitable for working with Gantt tasks:

LinkOutward descriptionInward description
Gantt: End to End Linkhas to be finished together with → has to be finished together with
Gantt: End to Start Linkhas to be done before → has to be done after
Gantt: Start to End Linkearliest end is star of → start is earliest end of
Gantt: Start to Start Linkhas to be started together with → has to be started together with

Soft links are not synchronised by default.

The two Auto period modes (Auto Top-Down/ Auto Bottom-Up) available in the App work best with default custom links added by the App. If you decide to change the default links, switch to the manual period mode to avoid unintended rescheduling of the tasks.

To learn more go to Dependencies page.