You can streamline your work by selecting and moving multiple tasks. To select multiple tasks in the Backlog and the Board, press and hold the Command key on a Mac or Control key on Windows, then click the tasks. To select multiple tasks listed together, click the first task, press and hold the shift key and click the last task. All tasks in between are included in the selection.

Selecting and unselecting tasks

You can multi-select tasks in the Backlog or the Board. Selecting tasks in both at the same time is not allowed. The table below presents all the possible actions:



Selecting more than one task is possible with (selected tasks are highlighted in blue):
cmd or ctrl + left mouse buttonselect tasks one by one
shift + left mouse button

select a range of tasks in backlog

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select a range of cards planned for Boxes

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Unselecting tasks is possible with:
ESCunselect all selected tasks
click out of zoneunselect all selected tasks
cmd or ctrl + left mouse buttonunselecting tasks one by one

Possible actions

Since tasks in the Backlog can be structured, not all operation are possible. The table below presents a detailed list of actions:

Selected tasks


all children from one parent, but without a parentoutdent
multiple parents without childrenn/a
parent + all his childrenmove up/down, indent, outdent
parent + selected children/without childrenn/a
selected children from different parents, but without parentsn/a
selected children from single parent, but without a parentmove up/down, indent, outdent