Introducing Box configuration templates - Box types!

You can now save your favorite Box configuration as templates and use the Inheritance mode of popular features like Card Views, Quick Filters, Security, and more, to manage your Boxes more efficiently!

Click the links to learn more about Box types and other new features.

Various modules provide you with different insights into your data. As the terminology can vary from organization to organization, you can rename the modules to ensure their purpose is clear to everyone on your team.

In this section, you can use the toggle switches to specify which modules are active in the edited Box. Additionally, you can change the module names. 

Keep in mind:

  • A “Box type” contains the default settings applicable to multiple Boxes (all Boxes of a given type). Those settings are adjusted in Box type administration.
  • Box configuration refers to the settings of a single, individual Box. They are dependent on the “Box type” settings. 

Security and access

  • Only a user with a minimum Box admin security role can access and manage the Box configuration.
  • To activate/deactivate or rename the modules go to Box configuration > General > Modules:

Deactivating modules

When you deactivate a module, all related configuration tabs and the module links will disappear. You can reactivate the module at any time without losing your data.

To activate or deactivate, click the toggle switch in the 'Active' column:

Renaming modules

When you update a module's name, all respective links and tabs in the Box configuration are renamed as well.

Once you change the name of a module, the new name will appear as a module link on the App's header and in the Box configuration as a configuration tab.

For example, the Gantt module is commonly used as a Product Roadmap since it offers a timeline view and can also display Sub-Boxes, such as Program Increments or Iterations. 

Default module

You can set a default module for a Box type - this will be the default module in all newly created Boxes of a given type. Default module settings can be later adjusted for individual Boxes.

When you open a Box, this module will be automatically displayed. 

It is also positioned at the top of the list in the modules drop-down.