Introducing Box configuration templates - Box types!

You can now save your favorite Box configuration as templates and use the Inheritance mode of popular features like Card Views, Quick Filters, Security, and more, to manage your Boxes more efficiently!

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The task structure or hierarchy within a Box can be built manually or generated automatically by the App. You can set the suitable rules, to structure your tasks, by activating respective structure builders. Combine both ways to achieve the required hierarchy.

The hierarchy is show in the following modules:

  • Gantt type 
  • Board type 
  • Scope type

Keep in mind:

  • A “Box type” contains the default settings applicable to multiple Boxes (all Boxes of a given type). Those settings are adjusted in Box type administration .
  • Box configuration refers to settings of a single, individual Box. They are dependent on the “Box type” settings. 

Security and access

  • Only a user with the with a minimum Box admin security role can access and change the Box configuration.
  • As a minimum, Box editor security role is required to change the to change the task hierarchy manually.
  • To change the default structure for a given Box type go to the App' administration > Box types.
  • To change the task structure configuration go to Box configuration > Tasks > Task structure:

Example of the task structure in the Gantt module:

Task structure page in the Box configuration: