By using the Share view option you can now allow other users to see the current view of any Module almost just the same way you see it (shared can be e.g. selected Column Views or Layout mode). The view can be shared by sending an automatically generated URL link. Remember that the shared view may vary because of Security settings that are still respected and not shared. Also, if there is any mismatching between the environments (e.g. shared parameter name is different in different versions) the value will not be overwritten and the user settings or default values will be used.

90 days

The shareable URL link is active for 90 days. After this time, the configuration will be deactivated.

URL link

Opening Shared view settings overwrites your local settings. After receiving an URL link, you can decide whether your local settings should be overwritten or if you want to keep them the way they are.

Shareable data

The Share View feature of the app lets you share selected features by different modules. The overview of the features is presented in the table below:

ModuleData shared
  1. Selected scenario (if made public)
  2. Group tasks
  3. View Menu
    1. Show:
      • Baselines
      • Period warnings
      • Progres
      • Critical path
      • Overdue
    2. Task color:
      • Manual
      • Status
  4. Dependencies Menu
      1. Category:
        • Strong
        • Soft
      2. Display
  5. Resource Panel Menu
    1. Enabled/Disabled
    2. Settings:
      • Effort mode 
      • Aggregation
  6. Active Column View
  7. Active Filters
    1. Quick Filters
      • Active Quick Filters
      • AND/OR operator
    2. Date range filter
    3. Query filter (TXT/JQL)
    4. Show Basic tasks in results (ON/OFF)
    5. Timeline:
      • Scale
      • Markers
      • Time-boxes
      • Week numbers
  8. Selected tasks

  1. Menu View
    1. Layout
    2. Detail View
  2. Active Column View
  3. Active Filters
    1. Quick Filters:
      • Active Quick Filters
      • AND/OR operator
    2. Query filter (TXT/JQL)
  4. Selected tasks


  • Query type
  • Query filters chosen
  • Visibility for tasks only with dependencies
  • Visibility for box children tasks
  • View id
  • Board layout type
  • Swimlanes collapsed
  • Swimlanes hidden
  • Objectives visibility
  • Task warning visibility
  • Totals settings
  • Report settings
  • Live sync
  • Links category type
  • Correction type
  • Display collapsed
  • Sort by
  • Zoom level
  • Level of display on the skeleton (PI/ITER)
  • Collapsed/expanded swimlanes on the skeleton
  • Swimlane values
  • Reports view
  • Sorting
  • Achievement settings
  • Heatmap settings
  • Zoom level
  • Effort mode
  • Unit
  • Team view
  • Skill panel
  • Views - workload, warnings
  • Time period
  • Aggregations
  • Quick Filters:
    1. Active Quick filters
    2. AND/OR operator
  • View - show archived Resources
  • Text filtering
  1. View settingsa. Compact mode
    b. Heatmap mode
    c. Transpose the matrix
    d. Invert consequence matrix
    e. Invert probability axis
    f. Matrix or table viewg. Sorting by order
  2. Filters
    a. Text query
    b. Operator query
    c. Filters chosen
    d. Date range: Start and End date
  1. Menu View
    1. Layout
    2. Task color
    3. End Date mode
    4. Heat Map mode
    5. Show assignee
    6. First week day
  2. Active Filters
    1. Quick Filters:
      • Active Quick filters
      • AND/OR operator
    2. Query filter (TXT/JQL)
  3. Selected month
  4. Upcoming tasks bar