Box data is stored in the App's cache after you trigger synchronization. If the Box is not opened for more than 24 hours the cache will be automatically cleared and a full synchronization will be triggered.


Available to:

  • Box admin
  • Box editor


You can trigger an incremental sync of your Box.

  • Incremental sync takes into account the last updated timestamp in the task source. If changes are made that do not affect that timestamp (eg. via direct database edit) then they won't be covered with incremental sync.
  • The sync is performed with a two-stage approach - it runs for each Box but takes into account the last update time of individual tasks
  • If the last update of a task is known to be the same in the app and in the task source then the incremental sync doesn't run on that task.
  • Incremental sync excludes the same tasks that are excluded from partial sync (eg. from Boxes that are closed, have corrupted scope, or are waiting for a full sync)

Task synchronization progress is indicated in the Box icon. When complete, green checkmark appears. 

More information on Box synchronization can be found on the following page.

Gantt live sync

To activate the live sync of the Gantt module go to App Configuration > General > Live sync.

Jira Cloud

For the App hosted on Jira Cloud, incremental sync is scheduled daily at a randomized hour: between 20:00 and 3:00 in the tenant's timezone.