Filtering options

A variety of task filtering options are available in the top right corner of the Gantt module.

Date range

Filter tasks based on date.

Search box

You can switch between two modes:

  • Text search
  • JQL search

Note: Snipe to result allows you to highlight items matching the search query without filtering out non-matching items.

Quick Filters

Quick filters are applied when using a module but are added and managed in Box configuration.

Other ways of organizing data

While task grouping is not a filter, it is one of the available ways of organizing data in the Gantt module.

Filter Options

Show all Basic tasks in the results

When a user filters, the data with all non-Jira entities (like Basic tasks) are omitted (hidden and excluded from the results).

A user can choose for Basic tasks to remain visible even when filters are active. Basic tasks are not filtered; all are displayed with the filtered Jira task results. This applies to all filtering methods (text, text-JQL, date, and Quick Filters).

Clear all active filters

Deactivate all filters to make sure all data is visible, and no tasks remain hidden.