You can change the terminology and rename modules. To avoid confusion check the module icon which is unalterable.

The overview module, or the command center, is the place from where you can quickly navigate to different Box modules or their configuration.

You will also see status-based and time-tracking reports and some additional rolled-up data related to time tracking. The scope of the Box can include any set of issues in Jira defined using a JQL filter or projects or sets of projects or tasks from other connected tools.

Click on the Box name to narrow to sub-Box level.  You can still use all the available modules and the Box scope will be filtered accordingly. 


Add new

Click to open the add Box dialog. In this dialog you can enter the basic Box information:

  • Type - a clickable icon with a drop-down menu. Box type can be used as a template for newly created Boxes or to bulk configure existing ones. Use different icons and colors to differentiate between different Box types.
  • Name - displayed in the Box switcher and in different modes of the Overview module. You can use the enhanced JQL to filter data by the Box name.
  • Start and End date - used to generate the Box on the timeline. The dates are also displayed as columns in the Hierarchy mode and on the Box tiles in the Kanban mode.
  • Icon and color - a colored icon is shown next to the Box name in the Box switcher and in different modes of the Overview module. You can use colors and icons to categorize your Boxes by type, domain, etc. to quickly find the one you are looking for. There are hundreds of icons to pick from.

Inline add new Box

Click in-between the lines to open the add new Box dialog. Depending on where you click, you can add a new Box or indent (click arrow) and add a Sub-Box. When you click in-between sub-Boxes you will be able to add sibling or sub-Boxes only.

Aggregated Box status

Status-based report based on the scope of all sub-Boxes. It shows issue distribution in different Jira status categories for each upper-level Box:

  • To Do - grey color
  • In Progress - blue color
  • Done - green color

Aggregated Time-tracking report

Time-tracking report based on the scope of all sub-Boxes showing issue progress. The formula used is: 1-(Remaining estimate/Original estimate)*100%

Box dialog

Right-click on a selected Box to the Box dialog. The following actions are possible:

  • Configure - open the Box configuration
  • Edit - change the Box name, start and end date
  • Status - each status has a different color which will be shown in the Box switcher next to the Box name, in the Timeline mode as color of the Box bar, in the Gantt module when the Timeboxes are enabled, and in the Board and Roadmap modules as the color of the Box.
    • Not started - grey
    • In progress - blue
    • Closed - green

When a Box is in the "Closed" status, you will not be able to configure and edit the Box.

Sort by

Sort Boxes list based on different criteria in ascending or descending order. Boxes can be sorted in all modes (Kanban, Timeline and Hierarchy):

    • Name
    • ID
    • Status
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Leader


Present your Boxes using different modes. Each mode provides a different view and options. There are three modes to chose form:


Adjust the row height using three available view options:
  • compact
  • regular
  • wide


Filter the list of Boxes based on selected criteria:

  • My Boxes - activate this filter to see only Boxes for which you are the Program Box Lead.
  • Favorite - filter out all Boxes that are not marked as your favorite. Each user can mark their own favourite Boxes. The filtered can be used in different modes of the Overview module and in the Box switcher.
  • Box Type - narrow the list of selected Boxes to a selected type.
  • Status:
    • Not started
    • In progress
    • Closed
  • Visibility:
    • Public
    • Private
  • Date filter - filter Boxes list based on the start or end dates of the Boxes.
  • Search box - filter by the Box name.

When a filter is applied and higher-level items do not fit the filter criteria they will be greyed out and still shown on the list.

Full-screen view

Hide the Jira's and App's headers.