Thanks to the Reports module, you can generate live reports for each Box. Customized, multi level (drill down) charts, and the editable grid layout.

The Five default charts can be modified by drilling down to the selected category or by excluding a category from the chart.


Auto-refresh your data every 5 minutes.

Editing reports

Create Custom reports design the grid layout and add even unlimited charts.

Grid edition is a BigPicture Enterprise feature.


Switch to the presentation view to show an enlarged chart

Chart types

Switch between different chart types:

      • Pie chart
      • Column chart
      • Tree


Modify the chart by drilling down and changing the data source with the breadcrumb that facilitates navigation.

Percentage share / ratio

Hover the cursor over the chart data to see the  percentage share of the category or ratio.

Detailed dialog

Hover over a category on the chart to display a detailed dialog with task breakdown for a particular category.