You can change the terminology and rename modules. To avoid confusion, check the module icon, which is unalterable.

Use this module to assess risk probability and consequence, and show your risks on the heat map.

The risks module consists of two main elements:

  • Customizable risk heat map
  • Customizable risk list (register)

The dimensions of the heat map depend on the number of selected options. The default dimension is 5x5, and it is the recommended size because of the coloring of risk levels with the heat map mode enabled.

Any issue type can be displayed on the heat map, but to do so, you need to add the "Risk probability" and "Risk consequence" fields to your issue screens first. You can synchronize your Risks with other fields. To change the field mapping, go to configuration > Risks Admin permissions are required.

To use the heat map, i.e., show Jira issues on the heat map and in the register, you need to add both fields to your Jira issue screens and select one of the values.

The Risk level is determined by using two fields, Risk probability, and Risk consequence. By default, the App uses custom fields created during the installation, but you can use your own fields as long as a "Select list (single choice)" type of fields are used.

If you want to adjust the heat map to resemble ROAM, use ROAM as one of the axes and leave just a single option for the other one. Alternatively, you can add a risk score or severity.

You can edit the risk register and change the displayed columns by adding available fields.

The main features of this module are described in the table below.



+ Risk

Add new issues to be displayed on the heat map. Any Jira issue can be presented on the heat map, but we recommend creating a separate issue type to represent the identified risks.

There are three options available:

    • Create new
    • Add existing issue
    • Additionally, the button (Add risk > Manage scope definition) provides direct access to the scope definition page.


Change the view options to include more information on the Risk heat map or show additional features:


Export requires the BigTemplate app. Export your risks as:

      • XLSX
      • PDF image

Quick filterAdd your favorite filters to the header and filter the risks from the list and the heat map.
Date range filterNarrow the list of displayed risks to a particular time period using the mapped Start and End date fields.
Axis descriptionYou can change the axis description in the App's configuration. Jira admin access is required.
Risk field's values The module uses the "Select-list (single choice)" field type, which means you need to preconfigure the select options (Jira Admin access required).
Customizable risk card

The layout of the card can be modified in the Box configuration section.

Search boxUse the text search or a JQL filter to find the risks.
Risk card pickerChange the layout of your risk cards and mark your favorite ones using a star.
Risk register

Customizable risk register which can display any issue type with Risk probability and Risk consequence value set. 

Modify the columns of the risk register by adding available Jira fields.

Edit or Delete Risks – when risk is deleted, it's only removed from the Risks module, i.e., the values of Risk probability and consequence are cleared, and the risk will not appear on the list.

Update the risk owner directly in the Register while in edit mode.

Sort your risks in ascending or descending order based on the fields added to the risk card.

In-line editable field 

Inline edit fields Text fields and number fields displayed on the Risk cards.

Open in Lightbox Use the presentation mode to zoom in on the selected risk card.