You can hide the heatmap and display the Risk Register only. To do so, put a check mark next to the Show table option. Both the Risk Register and the table allow you to manage risks and customize the view.

Adding Fields as Columns

You can customize the the table by adding fields as columns. Some fields offer additional display options.

For example, you can add a "Priority" field.

Use drag and drop to change the column order. Click the wrench icon to adjust the display options.

Sorting Risks

Click the column header to sort the items in an ascending or descending order. 

The example below shows a table sorted by the Issue Key in ascending order.

Editing Risks

Click the "Edit" button to change the "summary" field. Then, click the "Save" button to apply the changes.

Alternatively, double click the summary field with left mouse button to activate inline editing. In this mode, changes are automatically saved when you click anywhere outside of the field. 

To edit other fields use the "Edit" button located on the right side of a card visualized in the Risk Matrix. 

Delete Risks

You can remove the risk (any issue) from the matrix and the register by clicking the "Delete" button. The issue will not be deleted from your Host platform but the values of the mapped fields such as "Risk probability" or "Risk consequence" will be cleared.