You can define a Membership Period for each team member using date pickers, as well as add, edit, or delete Memberships.

Once you define a Membership Period, skills available in that time frame are automatically added based on the skill's start/end dates set in the Resource manager.

When you allocate an upper-level team, editing is disabled. To keep editing, you need to go to the upper-level Box or edit Global teams.

Inherited Team

Inherited teams are marked with an arrow next to the team name. To edit this Teams go to parent Box.

Adding memberships

You can define a Membership Period of each team member. Whenever you add a new member to a team, you need to set the membership start date.

The membership end date is calculated automatically when you add a new membership. The end date is set as New membership start date - 1 day:

For example, Arlene joined TeamiOS full-time on the 1st of July. Arlene has a Back-end skills.

Editing Memberships

To edit a membership, click the edit button. You can only edit the start date as the end date of the previous membership is extended automatically:

Closing a Membership

Deleting a team member from a team will result in them being completely removed. 

To end a membership period without losing data connected to their past assignment to a team, add a new membership period with 0% availability. 


Clarence Owen will be a member of "Team Smartwatch" until 1st. of September.

To indicate that, add a new Membership to "Team Smartwatch" with 0% availability. 

The end date of his first membership will be automatically filled in. His new membership will mark him as "Unavailable" for Team Smartwatch. 

Deleting Memberships

To delete a Membership, click the Delete button.

When you delete a membership, the End Date of the previous membership is automatically extended.