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Release date: 2020-12-29


For rollback purposes, please back up your database before starting the upgrade process or test the new BigPicture version on an isolated environment

Bug fixes

  • Same stack traces produce different error tokens, whether should produce the same
  • Box Types - Sequentiality description is misleading
  • White spaces are not trimmed on the start and end of the Box names
  • Gantt - When creating basic task, end date is set for the next day instead of the same day as the start date
  • The "Get started!" button links to a dead end with "Something's gone wrong" message when an upgrade/installation is in progress
  • Error UncheckedRequestFailedException in logs during trying to display Scope definition


Issue Type Priority
CriticalCritical MajorMajor MinorMinor T:
BugBug 2 5 4 11
StoryStory 0 0 1 1
Technical ItemTechnical Item 0 0 1 1
Total Unique Issues: 2 5 6 13
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Bug fixes list

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