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Release date: 2020-12-07


For rollback purposes, please back up your database before starting the upgrade process or test the new BigPicture version on an isolated environment

Bug fixes

  • BigPicture is disabled after upgrading to 8.0.13 or higher with Jira Core v.8.5.3
  • Scope definition is empty after migration from BigPicture version 7.3.0 to 8.0.0
  • Board: Cannot load some tasks in the Boacklog.
  • Box Types. Entering Box module (created on copy of any Box Types) causes '500' error
  • Low performance of Task related IntegrityTasks
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    BlockerBlocker CriticalCritical MajorMajor TrivialTrivial T:
    BugBug 2 3 10 1 16
    Total Unique Issues: 2 3 10 1 16
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