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Release date: 2021-05-10


For rollback purposes, please back up your database before starting the upgrade process or test the new BigPicture version on an isolated environment

Bug fixes

  • Scope module - Collapsed tasks are expanded when user refresh a page
  • Resource Module - Wrong dates are displayed in Task Detail Dialog when user's Time Zone is different than UTC+0
  • Install or upgrade BigPicture - DML Upgrade failed. Trying to fix the upgrade, version = 95
  • BigPicture activation crash - when tenant is not activated
  • Plugins (BigPicture/BigGantt) are disabled and can’t be enabled, after update to BP 8.1 (develop), 8.0.23 (hotfix) from version BP 7.X.X BG 4.X.X
  • Validation for Date Lag Time for links on Gantt needs to be shortened

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