In this section you will find the most common question and the reporting procedure:

BigPicture - BigTemplate (Compatibility of plugin versions)

Generally the rule of thumb is to always keep your plugins up to date. Nevertheless, before upgrading your app it is necessary to make sure that the other two are also up to date. It is not only a good idea because of lack of compatibility issues but also the latest bug-fixing and functionality improvements.

If for some reason updating BigPicture/BigGantt is not a trivial matter in your organization, then to ensure compatibility always choose the version of BigTemplate plugin that was released at the same time as the version of the BigPicture/BigGantt plugin currently in use.

More information on plugin versions and their compatibility can be found here

Clear Cache 

Most of the problems with outdated information which can cause errors can be resolved by clearing the cache.

You can find more information on Basic Troubleshooting on the page about BigPicture Configuration. Keep in mind, those settings are accessible only to users with Jira admin permissions. 

To clear cache:

  1. Go to App Configuration
    1. wrench icon at top right

    2. OR gear icon at top right > Manage Apps > BigPicture
  2. Select "Advanced" > "Technical info"
  3. Click "Clear cache" and/or "Clear permission cache" (whichever applies) 

Clear browser cache

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Dev Tools
  2. Right-click on the refresh arrow 
  3. Empty cache and hard reload


  1. Empty cache by either:
    1. Pressing → option + command + E
    2. Selecting Develop > Empty Caches
  2. Reload the page

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to browser settings
  2. On the left select Privacy and Security
  3. Scroll down to the Cookies and Site Data section
  4. Click Clear Data button
  5. Select Cached Web Content and click Clear 
  6. Reload the page

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Reporting Procedure

If you are experiencing issues with any of our applications and wish to help us diagnose them faster, please follow the steps below before submitting a report to our Support.

If you're not a technical user nor do you have Jira administrator's permissions, reach out to someone who has the permissions, and ask them to do the following:

  1. Set the logging level to fine-grained.
    (Go to App configuration (wrench icon at top right) > App configuration  > BigPicture configuration > Advanced)

  2. Reproduce the issue.
  3. If you managed to reproduce the issue, return to the troubleshooting section and click Download.
  4. Revert to Warnings only - logging level.

Where can I find the Box cloning option?

The Program Wizard was removed and the cloning feature was moved to '+' drop-down in Scope and Gantt modules.

Where can I find the Agile schedule?

The you can now create the schedule by creating a hierarchy of Boxes in the Overview module. Use the Box types like Program Increment and Iterations which can now overlap or be sequential like in the previous versions.

I'm the Box admin but there are missing pages in the Box configuration. How can I change the configuration of the following?

  • Scope definition, 

  • Quick Filters, 

  • Security, 

  • Column Views, 

  • Card Views,

  • Task Templates ,

  • Task structure

When the pages are not displayed in the Box configuration, it means that the Inheritance mode is enabled or the Scope type is set to 'Sub-scope' or 'None' for a particular Box type. In that case, you can modify the setting in the upper-level Box, for example, to change the Card Views in the Iteration Box, edit the view in the Program Increment which is a parent Box type.

How can I import data if the Program Wizard is gone?

Like the cloning feature, the import was moved to to '+' drop-down in Scope and Gantt modules. 

I want to create a sample data program (evaluation Program), how can I do it?

Creating sample data is no longer possible. You can alway use our demo instance or create sample data in Jira.

Why do I see all the Teams in the Box which I just created? 

The new box hierarchy starts with the Root Box where you will find the Global Teams. When the auto-allocation is enabled for a given Box type, all the teams created in the upper-level Box (in this case the Root Box) will be allocated to the Box automatically.

Why do I see tasks in my newly created Box?

This can happen if the Scope type is set to 'Sub-scope'. In that case, tasks from the upper-level Box are the actual scope.

How does the Box start and end date affect the schedule?

When you add a new task to the scope of the Box and the task does not have any date estimates, the App will use the 'Creation date' as the start and end date. When tasks have dependencies defined, the linked tasks will be rescheduled when one of the auto period modes is enabled.

Scope type of the context Box - Box scope in modules vs. scope types?

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