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The value

The Scope module is the core module for Project Management in BigPicture.

It provides insight into the scope of your Projects and it is perfect for viewing and managing the Work Breakdown Structure of your Project(s) by directly presenting the from the Jira instance.

Compose your Issues, Epics and stories into groups and see the big picture of your Project(s) with the data aggregation functionality.

This module was delivered with BigPicture 7 release as part of

serverSoftwarePlant JIRA

Functional overview

List of functionalities, possibilities and integrations available in the Scope module:

  • Column view modification from Scope view (add & remove column, change aggregation / display)
  • Drag and drop of tasks in the structure
  • Jira issue (Task) Detail View
  • Different layout modes
  • Indent, Outdent, Move Up, Move Down of task in the Scope WBS
  • Remove a Jira issue (Task) with the trash button
  • Apply Quick Filters to change the focus of the view
  • JQL Search for custom overviews
  • Operations to Expand and Collapse WBS structure
  • Column view Manager (available to Program admins in Program configuration)

Introducing "Scope"

Our latest Scope module is designed in response to our clients' Project Management needs. It is designed with performance in mind especially to cater for the needs of Project Managers who work with huge programs with thousands of tasks to handle in a single Program - comfortably and efficiently.

Viewing modes

There are three viewing modes to choose from depending on your preference each with the possibility to enable Detailed Issue View mode:




Task detail view

Choosing which data columns are displayed

Adjusting the data you want to view has never been easier. Select columns from the drop down menu to add them to your Scope view.

Data aggregation

Presenting aggregated data and switching between different aggregation modes is scope's strongest point. It is intuitive and extremely comfortable. Each column header displays a configuration  "wrench" icon once hovered over. Clicking it opens a drop-down menu presenting aggregation options to choose from. Switching between aggregation modes for each column takes literally two clicks.

Moving/drag and dropping tasks

Changing the order of tasks is as intuitive as you would expect.

Text and JQL search

If you have used Gantt Text/JQL search before you will be pleased to find the familiar experience.

Quick filters

As useful as in the previous Gantt versions Quick filters make viewing a lot clearer if you want to work with selected tasks only.

Scope Column view

Once you configure the column view you find useful it may be a good idea to save it and use whenever you need to view the data. Of course you can define many different views and easily switch between them. There are predefined views with commonly used columns. All of these views are intuitively easy to edit and adjust to suit your needs.

A Scope into the future

The scope module is being developed independently of Gantt module and has new flexible architecture which allows for implementing new features that might not be possible on Gantt. In the near future we have plans to implement highly productive features allowing for:

  • comparing programs in panel view
  • multiselecting tasks and perform bulk actions

and many more to come as our Team of Developers are very busy implementing the features our customers have asked for.

In case you have questions

If you have any additional questions you are always welcome to contact our helpful Support Team at They are always more than happy to help.



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