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Page localization and layout

Configuration of Risk Card is located in Administration, in a tab named 'Risk Card'.

Page content is divided into 2 main sections:

  1. Risk Card configurator (on the left side) 
  2. Available fields (on the right side).

Basic rules

Risk Card configurator provides you a following structure: there are 3-4 placeholders by every row that allow you to drop an appropriate field onto Risk Card and add to it. You can select fields from the list of available fields. A scope of available fields consists of all fields (built-in and custom ones) available in your Jira instance.

All placeholders are divided into 3 sections:

  1. left
  2. center
  3. right


Please note, that you can split every center section placeholder into 2 ones by reducing its width.

There is a possibility to configure data presented within a particular field after dropping a field onto Risk Card. Click on 'cog' icon and configure a field:

  1. decide whether you want to display data aggregated (children tasks aggregation) or only value for a particular task
  2. select the way you want to display data by choosing one item from the list.

Every item consists of two part: available data to be displayed and its decorator (i.e. the way of displaying data on screen: as text, icon, progress bar, lozenge, link etc.).

Every field has its definition that determines:

  • what data might be presented
  • how decorated it can be
  • if data aggregation may be applied to.

(info) You may add unlimited number of rows with placeholders by clicking (plus) at the bottom of Risk Card configurator. 

Card mode (edit/preview)

In order to configure properly your Risk Card, select edit mode. In edit mode there are presented configuration of the all fields that you picked for your Card and your are allowed to customize it in detail (e.g. by changing the height of picked field). 

In order to preview the effects of your configuration, select preview mode. In that mode you are allowed to search and select some task to preview your Card based on data of selected task. Keep in mind, that you are only allowed to search the task that your have permission to within your Jira instance.

Picking fields

You can pick a field and add it to Risk Card configurator by drag&drop mechanism. Drag some field from the section on the right side and drop it onto some available section on Risk card configurator. The list of available fields is displayed in a table on the left side. You are informed about the name and type of available fields.


Please note that you are allowed to drop field onto a particular section based on its type (and consequently decorators that some field has). It means, that e.g. user cannot add a field of type 'date' onto a left-side section (see more) because that field cannot be displayed as icon or avatar. Technically, system allows you to drop some field only onto a section that is able to display at least one decorator that this particular field has.


Display options (decorators)

left-sideicon, avatar


all decorators
right-sideicon, avatar

Searching additional fields

You are allowed to narrow down the list of displayed fields before picking it. There is used a current text search mechanism applied in the application. System searches for a field by its name.

Selecting aggregation

In case a field allows you to aggregate data from children tasks (e.g. Story Points), you are allowed to choose an appropriate item from the group Aggregation. Aggregated data are display the same way what values for a particular task are (except for "children by" aggregation type) and is based on children tasks within Work Breakdown Structure.


Please note, that selecting aggregation "children by…" defines a way how data is presented. As of today, you cannot configure the way that such numbers are presented, so you need to rely on built-in settings - we hope they meet up your expectations (smile)

Selecting display option

In case a field has more than one way it can be displayed, you are allowed to choose an appropriate item from the group Display. 

Illustrative scenario:

  1. Select a field 'Reporter' and click 'cog' icon on it
  2. 'Reporter' has a following items to be choose from:
    1. name (text)
    2. icon (avatar)
    3. name+avatar (text with avatar)
  3. System allows you to select item from the list.
  4. Select an item from the list.

Ordering picked fields

You are allowed to change the order of picked fields by drag&drop mechanism. Ordering is available only within a particular section, e.g. when you drag a field from a center section, system allows you to drop a chosen field only onto the other placeholder within a center section. 

Removing fields

You are allowed to remove field that was dropped onto some section in Risk card configurator. 

Illustrative scenario:

  1. Click on a cog icon (that is visible in a Risk card configurator on every the picked field)
  2. System shows a option 'Remove field'.
  3. User clicks on 'Remove field'.
  4. System removes field and make a given placeholder empty.


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