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Creating project baselines

Once the Program (or Project) schedule is ready, you can create a Baseline schedule - a 'phantom view' or a 'screenshot; of the Program's tasks. Any changes in task's schedule can be measured in comparison to a baseline throughout the life of our Program.

An enabled Baseline creates a 'footprint' in place of the original position of an item, so you can compare the current position of Start and End dates with the original values.

It is important to note that the Baselines are stored using Custom Fields selected in the Gant Configuration, therefore they are mapped to Jira. You can edit these values directly in Jira at any time. This allows us to pull, search and compare data by these values.


Once created, the baseline will be updated in all of the Programs.

Viewing project baselines

Baselines can viewed on the timeline as well as on the task list. Learn more about the View options.