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BigPicture's Gantt module is divided into two major sections:

  • a list of tasks including the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure),
  • a timeline with cards represented as task bars.
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Task Structure Adjustment

One of our Power-Up's core features - its capability to alter tasks' values by moving them around with simple drag and drop mechanics can be used not only in the sphere of our Gantt's diagram but also on the Gantt's WBS. This way we can adjust the allocation of tasks and their hierarchy.

The other method is the method of manual indentation.

Up and down arrows simply move a task inside its current node. For instance, if a task is a subtask of an Epic, we will only be able to move it up and down inside this Epic's tier.

Left and right arrows are responsible for indent and outdent operations, meaning to shift tasks into Sub-Tasks or parents of ones that follow.

As a result, if we would like a Sub-Task to go under a different parent, we need to follow this procedure:

  1. Outdent the task, so it moves to the same tier as its previous parent.
  2. Move the task down so it's just below the new parent.
  3. Indent the task.