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Timeline with markers

The timeline adjusts dynamically to match the Program Increment or Iteration dates and allows you to add Markers to represent important event by simply clicking on the timeline.

Markers can represent milestones. 'Milestones are used to track progress toward a specific goal or event. There are three types of SAFe milestones: Program Increment (PI), fixed-date, and learning milestones.' © Scaled Agile, Inc.
Timeline start pointThe timeline start at the start date of the first element presented on the Board and end with the end date of the last element.
Current date

Current date is presented as day of the month using a circle shape.


To add a Marker, click on the timeline and enter the following information in the dialog:

      • Name
      • Colour
      • Description
      • Date
Today button

Click this button to move to the current Program Increment or Iteration.

Zoom in / Zoom out buttonsYou can zoom in or out to change the number of Program Increments or Iteration displayed simultaneously. The maximum number of elements is 4.
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