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Canceled and replaced by 4.0.3

All improvements and fixes from version 4.0.2 are inclueded in version 4.0.3

Known issues


Please take into consideration known issues which are listed bellow.

  1. ONE-80 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Bug fixes

  • Broken WBS widget
  • Gantt and Risks gadgets does not work on IE11
  • Gantt fails to load when project is longer than a year

Key features

'Remaining estimate' mode in Resources Panel on Gantt is availableYou can better monitor resources involved on you Gantt charts now. Select "Remaining estimate" effort mode instead of "Original estimate" - analyze time spent in the past and keep track of remaining assignment of your resources for upcoming working days.
JS files are cached in WBS and Skill widgetsPerformance of the WBS widget displayed on the issue detail page is improved.


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BugBug 1 2 7 2 12
StoryStory 0 1 3 3 7
Total Unique Issues: 1 3 10 5 19
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