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Risks module - Matrix overview



+ Risk

Add new issues to be displayed on the matrix. Any Jira issue can be presented on the matrix but we do recommend creating a separate issue type to represent the identified risks.

There are two options available:

    • Create new
    • Add existing issue


Change the view options to include more information on the Risk matrix or show additional features:

  • Compact mode
  • Heatmap mode
  • Show matrix
  • Show table
  • Transpose the matrix - invert both the x and y axis.
    • Invert consequence axis.
    • Invert probability axis.
SortSort your risks in ascending or descending order based on the fields added to the tasks card.

Export requires BigTemplate app. Export your risks to:

      • XML
      • PDF image
Quick filterAdd your favourite filters to the header and filter the risks from the list and the matrix.
Date filterFilter risks using dates.

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