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Working with Totals

Totals will will help you in, both, planning and monitoring the execution of your Time-boxes.

There are different indicators or aggregations which can be displayed for each of the Time-boxes as well as at the Team level:

Once enabled, Totals boxs will be displayed if data is available in a particular box (Team with

Work progress

The work progress can be displayed in form of a status based progress (eg. number of issues in statuses other than Resolved / numer of issues in Resolved status group) using different units:

  • Story Points (SP)

Formula: Sum SPs of done tasks / Sum SPs of all tasks in Box scope

  • Tasks

Formula: Count done tasks / Count all tasks in Box scope

  • Time spent (TS)

Formula: Sum Time Spent of all tasks in Box scope /
Sum (Time Spent + Remaining Estimate) of all tasks in Box scope

Capacity allocation

The capacity allocation (planned vs capacity) can be displayed in form of a progress bar using different units:

  • Original estimate

Formula: Sum SPs of all tasks / Box capacity in SPs

  • Remaining estimate (RE)

Formula: Sum RE of all tasks / Total Box capacity

  • Story points

Formula: Sum SPs of all tasks / Box capacity in SPs

Overallocation warnings

If the allocation exceed the capacity a warning will be diasplayed and progress bar will indicate the overallocation using a red colour.

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