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About the issue

It has come to our attention that in some projects that had been administered by a specific user, if that one user had created a project filter which is picked as a major rule for the purpose of a project synchronisation, our plugins which offer a Gantt chart module may encounter the error once the mentioned user or their filter is deactivated or removed from JIRA’s perspective. This issue may create a false idea that the error occurs within the chart itself.

How the issue can manifest itself?

  • Create a Program

Create a Program

If one of your users with administrative permissions created a JIRA project filter which later was shared with a group of other users and picked as one of synchronisation rules (as per screenshots below), some synchronisation issues may occur in a couple of scenarios which you can familiarise with in the following sections:

  • Create your Filter and Share it with other users

        Create a Filter                Share the Filter

  • Set the Filter in 'Data scope' as a your only filtering option

        Set the Scope

  • Deselect 'Remove tasks not in filter option'

          Sync Up

  • Your Gantt chart should be properly synchronised now

         View Your Gantt Chart

Back to the 'Highlights'

Scenario 1:

Deleting the filter.

  • Once your filter is in place and you decide to delete it in JIRA even if you create a new task it will not be displayed in your Gantt chart. Even after re-sync of your data in BigPicture or BigGantt.

          Delete the Filter in JIRA

          Create a new Issue                    Resynch

Back to the 'Highlights'

Scenario 2:

Deactivating the user.

  • The same issue should occur once you deactivate the user that created the Filter.



Workaround / How to avoid?

In order to avoid this issue it is highly recomended for the main JIRA administrator to administer filter and synchronisation option.

Once the issue has already occured it is recomended to create a new filter with the same scope, yet in both cases 'Scope context User' has to be switched to a new one (preferably main JIRA admin as stated above).

BIGPICTURE-3174 - Getting issue details... STATUS

These are some source JIRA issues which cover the area of user and filters creation/edition/deactivation as well as the scope view configuration:

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