Working with the Overview - Interface overview

The Overview module on the Home page shows all the created Boxes which form the most basic layer of the application.

The scope of the Box can include any set of issues in Jira defined using a JQL filter or projects or sets of projects.

+ Add new Open the Program Wizard (Program Wizard) to create a new Program.
Sort by

Sort Boxes list based on different criteria in ascending or descending order:

    • Name
    • Status
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Leader

Change the view of the list of Programs:


Filter Boxes list based on selected criteria:

  • My Boxes - filter out all boxes where you are not the leader.
  • Favourite - filter out all boxes that are not marked as favourite.
  • Type:
    • Program Box (show the highest level - Program level)
    • Program Increment (show the Program Increments)
    • Iteration (show the iterations)
  • Status:
    • Not started
    • In progress
    • Closed
  • Visibility:
    • Public
    • Private
  • Date filter - filter Boxes list based on the start or end dates of the boxes.
  • Search box - filter by the Box name.

When a filter is applied and higher level items do not fit the filter criteria they will be greyed out and still shown on the list.

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