You are allowed to assign Business Value (BV) to each objective you defined on your Roadmap in order to weight objectives between themselves. It may help you to communicate the strategy and context behind these weighting decisions.

In order to be compliant with SAFe®, it is recommended to configure availability of BV within Roadmap module as follows:

  • switch on BV for Team PI objectives
  • switch off BV for other objectives (Program PI objectives, Program Iteration goals, Team Iteration goals).

Configuration of the visibility of Business Value is available in Program configuration.

Please note, that:

  • default values for every Program are set as mentioned above
  • configuration of BV is copied by created new Program based on configuration of existing one
  • configuration of BV is cloned by cloning Program.

To learn more about setting Business Value of goals and objectives go to Roadmap module - Planned or Actual Business Value.