New Time tracing formula is now available: Time spent / (Time spent + Remaining estimate) *100%.

Progress tracking

BigPicture and BigGantt add two things to plain Jira:

  • a visual layer, namely progress bars
  • an aggregation layer, i.e. the SUM and AVERAGE functions that calculate the progress of whole epics or projects.

There are different ways to track progress using the app but the main rule is to add the required fields to the column view or task cards (in BigPicture's Risks and Board modules).

The available aggregation and display options will vary depending on the type of field added as a column.

Column configuration - Display

Fields such as Time Tracking have additional options:

      • Progress
      • Progress with %
      • Reported/expected progress
      • Reported/expected progress %

Column configuration -Aggregation

Select how the data will be aggregated on the parent level of WBS:

      • None
      • Minimum
      • Maximum
      • Sum
      • Sum without parent
      • Average
      • Average without parent
      • Children by status category
      • Children by status category %

Time Tracking Progress (Spent)

Time Tracking Progress (Original) – the classic progress bar

Status based progress (% of tasks completed in different status categories)

Status based progress (% of story points completed in different status categories)

The manual custom number field or Time Tracking

The slider showing the current progress is displayed on the task bar if data is available. The slider can be mapped to any number field, Time Tracking's Remaining Estimate or Original estimate fields.

Moving the slider from one left to right will move change the field value ranging from 0 to 100 in case a number field is used.